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Becoming a Founder with Mark Two Ventures

Ignite Your Idea

You have an idea. An ambition. A burning desire to change the world. We know the spark in you, because it’s the same spark we see in each and every one of our founders. The most challenging part? Not knowing how to start or where to take your concept next.

Enter Mark II Ventures. We’re not just another venture studio. We are your partners and co-founders – ready to take your startup idea from vision to reality.

Discover Your Journey

No idea? No problem. At Mark II Ventures, we help potential founders like you discover exciting ideas that align with your passions and drive. Let us connect you to an opportunity that will empower you to make a real difference and bring your entrepreneurial aspirations to life.

Becoming a founder with us is a four step process we work through together. You only spend time on the concepts you are passionate about.

Founder Discovery Process

Step 1: Indicate Interest

Let’s have a conversation to see if it makes sense for you to build a company with Mark Two. If our process and potential matches your background and interests, we’ll put you in our talent network to be notified when ideas need a founder.

Step 2: Concept Match

When an idea has progressed to the MVP hypothesis stage, it needs a founder to shepherd it through the rest of the process. This is when we notify potential founders that an opportunity needs a founder to take it to the next step.

We’ll send you an elevator pitch of the idea, along with the research we’ve done to validate the concept up to this point. If it sounds interesting to you, you’ll get the opportunity to pitch the Mark Two team on why you should be the founder.

Step 3: Concept Evaluation

If the team thinks you may be the right person to run a concept, the real evaluation begins. The Mark Two team will work side by side with you to evaluate the concept using our process. You will act as the founder of this concept, driving product vision, market positioning, and conducting user discovery to further explore whether a concept has the potential to become a billion dollar company.

Step 4: Final Pitch

If a concept has enough merit to progress through our final stage, prototyping, and you’ve successfully brought it this far, you’ll have the final opportunity to pitch the Mark Two team on why you should be the founder of a new company. If the team votes to progress the idea, then we will officially cofound a company with you!

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