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We are Venture Startup Studio which has built, scaled, and successfully exited high-growth technology companies. Ideas are one thing. Teams are another. Experience has taught us that you need both to succeed.


Have an idea for an innovative new software product or tech startup? Looking for an experienced co-founder who can help you turn your idea into a successful company? We invite you to pitch us your idea, and we’ll help you think through the opportunity. If there is a mutual fit, we’ll offer to be your co-founder in launching your startup.

Our Process


Are you a force multiplier interested in leading a high-growth technology company? If you have prior startup experience or are interested in joining an early-stage startup, Mark II has opportunities for both founder CEO/CTO positions at new studio startups as well as key executive positions within existing portfolio companies.

Work With Us



We are a Venture Startup Studio that has built, scaled, and successfully exited high-growth technology companies. Collectively our team has created billions of dollars in enterprise value for the businesses we have built. Mark II takes a concentrated approach to building, working alongside founders to build faster and bigger.


Because of our experience building successful companies, we have a collection of tools and resources to help you quickly launch a new venture and deliver innovative solutions. From product development to operations to investor relationships, we have the tools and relationships to accelerate our portfolio companies’ success.


We are an expert co-founder. Financially, that means we sit on the same side of the negotiating table, and we only make money if you do. Operationally, that means we are in the trenches with you on a daily basis. We are fully aligned and properly incentivized to help you succeed.


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